Tucked away in a secluded Newport suburb, South Wales underdogs Stay Voiceless have covertly created a brilliant debut album made of equal parts sugar and bile.

Produced by Richard Jackson (The Automatic, Young Legionnaire, Future Of The Left) and Jamie Young, “Lies To Tell Your Children” holds up a mirror to society and dares to ask if you like what you see.

Ten songs of fierce, guitar driven polemic against the realities of broken Britain, “Lies To Tell Your Children” wraps the bands signature working class honesty in swathes of brutal indie rock catharsis.

Released through GMC 7th August 2020.


1. They Don’t Make Prisons Like They Used To
2. Slaves & Silicone
3. Where’s Our Revolution Summer?
4. We’re Not Lovers
5. Smiling At Sad Dogs
6. Comfortable
7. I Am A Weight
8. Postmadonna
9. Little Fixes
10. Something For Now


“Rock and roll doesn’t know what has hit it. Be prepared for the onslaught. 4/5” – Buzz Magazine

“…here’s Stay Voiceless and they are the future, your future” – RPM It’s A Revolution

“I Am A Weight will no doubt end up on our list of the top indie songs for the year” – Havoc Underground

Review: THiS – “Hoc Est”

It’s not often you hear an LP that could have been written by Prince just as easily as it could have been written by Deftones.

Only this wasn’t.

This was written in Blaina. This was recorded live with no separation. This is THiS.

Mixing modern alternative melodies with scathing guitars, the sonic landscape that THiS have sculpted on their debut “Hoc Est” is nothing short of spectacular, only outdone by the bold decision to release the album with no web-presence, no gigs, and no label.

If there were no prior expectations of the band, this brave debut sets the bar seriously high.


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